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The Minister of Montreal is a character from South Park: The Stick of Truth. He is, as his name says, the Minister of Montreal.


Like most Canadians, he has beady eyes and a flapping head. He has a brown mustache, a white pith helmet with a yellow sun emblem on it, a plaid kilt, and a red uniform.


  • O Canada - The New Kid has to save him so he can translate the document.


In his role of the story, the New Kid has to free him the Caverns of Quebec, so he can translate a document for Wendy and the girls.

After the New Kid learns Nagasaki from Terrance and Phillip, he will go straight to the Caverns, use Nagasaki, fight the Dire Animals, and head straight to the Minister. The Minister will then look at the document, translate it, and then exit the Caverns.

After the New Kid frees him, he, along with the Princess of Canada, will friend him on Facebook.



  • He wears a plaid kilt even though he's French-Canadian, and not Scottish.
  • When entering the catacombs, he occasionally says "Oui oui oui! Ce est mauvais! Allo? Au Secours!" which translates to "Yes yes yes! This is bad! Hello? May Day!".
  • He is the only Canadian that speaks French.
  • He is the only Canadian who disappears after he befriends the New Kid.