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The Mongolian Kids are optional enemies located at the Tower of Peace, and are found during Mongolian Beef.


There are two kinds of Mongolian Kids available to fight. One melees and one ranges, and each comes with powerful abilities that could easily make any battle with them difficult.  

Attacks (Melee Mongolian Kid)

  • Melee Attack - The Mongolian Kid strikes his target 3 times.
  • Fury of the Horde - The Mongolian Kid raises his attack. This attack is usually followed up by a Melee attack.
  • Beserker Blow - The Mongolian Kid strikes his target one powerful time.

Attacks (Ranged Mongolian Kid)

  • Burning Barrage - The Mongolian Kid fires 3 arrows at his target to cause burn damage and the Burning Status Effect if not blocked.
  • Blinding Shot - The Mongolian Kid fires a blinding fireworks at the New Kid and his Buddy. This attack causes no damage, but will cause the Attack Down status effect if not blocked.

Special Attacks


  • The line "Triben fak burushban" is actually from Tweek from the show.