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Nazi Zombie Gnomes are Underpants Gnomes infected by the green goo and turned into Nazi Zombies. They are only encountered in Unplanned Parenthood during the Unplanned Parenthood Quest.


Nazi zombie gnomes have light-green skin and smoldy green beards,they have a swastika and an eagle on their hats. except for one which has only the swastika.


  • Unplanned Parenthood (Quest) - Enemies in the quest, found under the floor of the abortion clinic.  All but one of them can be avoided by shooting the pipe, getting soldiers to shoot the floor after sensing movement there.


Financial Arbitration

The gnome drops gold gnome coins that inflicts ability down if not blocked.

Fiscal Impact

The gnome summons fire balls that inflicts defense down if not blocked.

Gloomy Forecast Earnings

The gnome summons frost and snow that inflicts slowing debuff if not blocked.

Nazi Zombie Bite

The gnome attempts to bite the player, inflicting gross out if not blocked.