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Origins 3: The Visitor is a mission in South Park: The Fractured But Whole


What can make a superhero backstory even more exciting? Stranger things, that's what. Get ready for the brand-new backstory of yours with an extraterrestrial visitor!


Head back to The Coon's Secret Lair to check up on Coon and Friends' analysis of Doctor Timothy's phone. They'll get a call from an unknown Freedom Pal, asking to meet up at the playground. Most of the group sets out, leaving The New Kid alone with The Coon. After a one-sided "conversation", The Coon gives in to The New Kid's demeanor to allow The New Kid to choose a third superhero class to compliment The New Kid's existing abilities.

In this case, two new classes will be unlocked for selection: Assassin and Gadgeteer. Once you have selected your preferred class, you may leave the Coon Lair.



  • The process having the Coon compromised into providing a new class features The New Kid's plot ability to charm another person with "adorable" appearances and behaviors. It is also possible that The New Kid gains followers with this ability.