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Randy needs help proving what is actually going on at the mall.

The Stick of Truth.jpg Don't gaze at it too long!

This article/section contains plot details about the game. Do not read ahead if you don't want it spoiled!


Sneak into the military base infront of the UFO crash at the mall.  Steal the recording from the meeting room and return it to Randy.


Go next door to the PTA meeting at the community center. The town is upset about the school being closed and a new Taco Bell getting built. Randy tries to bring up the visitors, but no one listens. Once the meeting is done, head into the bathroom and Randy will teach you a new magic fart. Learn the new fart, then try it out on Mr. Mackey. With the new fart, walk over to the crash site by the mall. Use your new fart on the guards out front to distract them, then sneak by them through the gates.

Once through, use the switch by the truck on the left to electrify the puddle. Draw the soldier over, and he will be electrocuted. Then, use your anal probe to warp to the top of the building. Smash through the air vent up top, and drop down. After the cutscene, fight off the Nazi zombie, then head into the meeting room. Take the recording device off the table.

IMPORTANT: Shoot down the Chinpokomon on the filing cabnet in the room. It's your only chance.

Once done, head back outside. Watch out as there are now multiple Nazi Zombies. Get back to the PTA meeting and give them the recording.  Randy will take the picture for you. The end of this series of quests is back at Gain New Allies.


In the trailer it is shown that Randy teach the New Kid the Nagasaki fart, but in the actual game he is teaching the New Kid Sneaky Squeaker.