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Plantmancer is a class in South Park: The Fractured But Whole. It uses the power of plants to pull, charm, and damage the enemy. As a strong support class, the Plantmancer can also heal from a distance and resurrect allies.


With two powerful healing powers, Plantmancer is an amazing class for The New Kid that aims at helping allies. Purifying Petals can serve as a refreshment when allies retreat, and Nature's Gift can turn the battle around by reviving allies.

Sweet Scent is also a powerful ability, as none of the available combat buddies have the power to charm foes. A charmed foe has a more powerful attack, usually a 100% raise.

Root Burst is a nice ability to use, and is powerful with a big Knockback combo boost, when taking on clumps of enemies, this ability can simply push enemies into other enemies for additional damage.


Plantmancer class selection screen.
Top left: Default costume
Center: Abilities (l-r: Nature's Gift, Purifying Petals, Sweet Scent, Root Burst)
Right: Character artwork

All statistics below are under Heroic difficulty, for other difficulties, still blank.

The percentage in "Damage" (or Heal) is the correspondent percentage of the Attribute.

  • Purifying Petals - Cleanse, Heal, Attack Up to self and allies
    • Range: A two tile distance surrounding the player.
    • Attribute: Spunk
    • Heal: High (300%)
    • Status Effect: Removes status effects and heals the player and allies in range. Also gains Attack Up.
  • Sweet Scent - Pull, damage and Charm a foe
    • Range: Four tiles in front of the player
    • Attribute: Brains
    • Damage: Moderate (210%)
    • Status Effect: Charm, and pull.
  • Root Burst - Damage, knock back, inflict Bleeding
    • Range: A column three tiles wide and six deep.
    • Attribute: Brains
    • Damage: Low (95%)
    • Status Effect: One-tile Knockback, and Bleeding
  • Nature's Gift - Ultimate - Resurrect the fallen
    • Range: Entire battle field.
    • Attribute: Spunk
    • Heal: High (300%)
    • Status Effect: Revives, and heals allies


  • The Plantmancer's abilities, default costume and artwork during class selection are primarily inspired by the DC Comics character Poison Ivy; some cues are also taken from the character Swamp Thing, also of DC Comics (as mentioned by The Coon during the class selection screen).