Pope Timmy is Timmy Burch's Mystical set card in South Park: Phone Destroyer.

When summoned, Pope Timmy takes out a cross and mutters a few incarnations before creating a clone of the most recently dead ally that was summoned by the New Kid, no matter its energy cost. The clone has the exact same properties as the original card. If the characters who were killed were a swarm or a duo, then Pope Timmy will revive all of the characters.

Quotes Edit

  • Summoned
    • "Timmy, Timmy!"

Tactics Edit

Update History Edit

  • 09/07/17
    • Ability no longer removes objects.
  • 10/25/17
    • Energy cost decreased from 8 to 7.
    • Card text corrected.
  • 04/19/18
    • Base attack increased from 48 to 64.
    • Base health increased from 128 to 200.
  • 05/17/18
    • Swarm unit resurrection bug fixed.
  • 06/05/18
    • Energy cost decreased from 7 to 6.
  • 06/20/18
    • Resurrects swarm units more consistently.
    • Ability to resurrect a whole swarm given.
  • 12/04/18
    • Base attack decreased from 64 to 52.
    • Attack knockback decreased by 50%.
    • Movement speed slightly increased.
  • 02/25/19
    • Bug allowing player to have two of the same unit fixed.
  • 05/23/19
    • Bug causing Pope Timmy to revive the wrong unit under certain circumstances fixed.
  • 11/05/19
    • Bug causing Pope Timmy to revive an upgraded card at base level fixed.


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