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Rats are a recurring enemy in South Park: The Stick of Truth, and come in many different varieties.

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Kinds of Rats

Small Rat

These small rats commonly appear in the game, but some cannot be fought directly. The New Kid can slash them with his weapon outside of battle to kill them. They can be found in battles with other rats or homeless people.

Bardic Rats with Bardic Hats

These rats only appear in Jimmy's boss battle. He summons them with his flute. They have the same stats and attacks as the Small Rats.

Mutant Rat

These rats are much larger than the usual rats and have spikes on their back, but this doesn't affect them in battle. Naturally, they're stronger then the smaller rats, but are still easy at all levels.

Giant Rat

These rats are rare to find, and are usually found in quests. Despite their size, they're actually weak and have pitiful attacks.

Nazi Zombie Rat

Appearing later in the game, these rats are quite powerful and can inflict the Screwed status, which instantly kills the affected person in three turns.

Mama Rat

She is fought in the sewer after you kill the rats surrounding Simon Hankey. She is exactly the same as a mutant rat.

Baby Rat

They are fought together with the Mama rat in the sewers. They are exactly the same as normal rats.