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Rise of the Fourthies is a mission in South Park: The Fractured But Whole


The Sixth Graders are blocking the way to South Park Main Street. Defeat them to get access to Main Street.


The Sixth Graders will be guarding the path to Main Street, you will need to confront them to clear the way. Head to the center of the street, near where the South Park signpost is located.

You will see the Sixth Graders arguing among each other. Throw a Snap N Pop at the basket of fireworks located on one of the Sixth Grader's bicycle basket and make sure to land the first punch for the combat advantage (if possible, fart on them as well to temporarily stun them and inflict the Grossed Out effect, giving you further advantage for the battle).

For this battle, at the start you will be given the option to select the difficulty for the whole game. After your preferred difficulty has been selected, the battle will then commence.

"Man, that was pretty badass."

While battling the Sixth Graders, one of them will prepare to throw Piss Balloons to attack you. Make sure to end your turn outside of the danger zone and use Human Kite's support abilities for an easier battle. You can use Super Craig's Omega Crash Extra or Shining Hate Finger ability for further advantage, as his abilities deals rather powerful damage and has a high health bar.

After defeating the Sixth Graders, you will be granted a new Artifact that will increase your Might to 20.

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  • There is a possibility whereby a sixth grader will say "More ass for me" at the start of the combat. This coincidentally matches what comes after them later.
  • The quest giver on the mission list in the Map app shows that the quest giver is a cat.