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Shelly Marsh is a minor character in South Park: The Stick of Truth. She is a major focus in the side quest The She-Ogre.

For Shelly's role in South Park: Phone Destroyer see Sharpshooter Shelly.


Shelly serves no purpose in the story outside of The She-Ogre quest and as a Facebook friend. If you try entering her room before the quest, she angrily kicks you out. After defeating her and reclaiming Stan's iPhone, she considers you to not be so bad and friends you on Facebook.

Special Attacks

Cherry Bomb - Shelly throws a bloody tampon at her target, inflicting damage and causing the Grossed Out status effect.

Rage of the Monthlies - Shelly gains Attack Up, then punches her targets more times then she does with her melee attack for moderate damage, at the cost of inflicting one stack of bleeding on herself.

The Red Death - Shelly punches her target repeatedly, potentially causing Defense Down 3 times, at the cost of inflicting one stack of bleeding on herself.



South Park: The Stick of Truth

  • The side quest "The She-Ogre" marks the first time ever in South Park history that Shelly gets beaten up.
  • Shelly has three bad habits to call people in South Park who dislikes her as a "Little Turd" and "Turd." To blaming them and punch them hardest.
  • Shelly will say "You even smell like a turd." if the New Kid farts on her.