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Shieldmaiden Wendy is Wendy Testaburger's Fantasy set card in South Park: Phone Destroyer.

When her ability is activated, Shieldmaiden Wendy raises her shield, granting her invincibility from all damage for a short period of time, including instakills such as Inuit Kenny's Deathwish.


  • Summoned
    • "On my command!"
    • "Ladies first!"
  • Idle
    • "I will never fail."
  • Attacked
    • "That won't stop me!"


Very good for attacking the New Kid, but also good for stalling an enemy push with her charged ability. Can be used for offense, defense, or contest.

Update History

  • 07/18/17
    • Ability duration decreased.



  • Like most of the Fantasy Theme's characters, Shieldmaiden Wendy's appearance is taken directly from Wendy's appearance in South Park: The Stick of Truth.
  • This is the only Wendy set card that is not a Ranged unit. Alongside Call Girl, she is also the only one without an ability which affects three units.