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The Sparrow Prince is a boss that appears in South Park: The Stick of Truth. He is one of the three spirit animals that live in Mr. Slave's digestive system along with Frog King and Catatafish.


The Sparrow Prince is a sparrow that appears as a ghostly apparition. He also wears a white crown, a blue cape and a sword hostler with a sword inside it.



The Sparrow Prince is the second spirit animal that the player meets when journeying through Mr. Slave's ass. The player must fight him in order to prove themselves worthy in combat and move forward to stop the snuke from detonating. Once the player has successfully disarmed the snuke and exited Mr. Slave's digestive system, they will receive Sparrow Prince's friend request.

Special Attacks

Birds are Gross or Dirty - He summons two angry birds, heals, and brings attack and defense up on his Nazi zombie bacteria.

Sparrow Magic Beam - He uses his magical ghost powers to summon a laser beam that kills you instantly if you don't block a least a few of them.


When playing as a thief, you will find that his status "reflecting" can be taken, and you will be able to reflect his ranged attacks.