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The Laws of physics are mere suggestions to the Speedster, a hero capable of bending spacetime in order to mete out justice.

Speedster is one of the three beginning classes in South Park: The Fractured But Whole. The New Kid will be able to choose this class after discovering the Coon Lair in the Origins quest.

The default Speedster costume set is known as the Mach 5 Costume set.

Fastpass is classified as a Speedster in-game.


The Speedster specializes in mobility and attacking from medium-close range. Although their damage output is lower than that of a Blaster or Brutalist, they compensate by being able to attack from unique angles, allowing their allies to join the offensive. All of their offensive moves scale with Brawn, so this stat should be increased to get the most out of their offenses.

The Speedster's most unique and powerful ability is Double Edge, which allows them to take two actions on their turn at the cost of skipping their next turn entirely. The most obvious use for this ability is to attack twice, but it has a wide range of applications for many situations. It also synergizes well with the "Timefart Summon" power, since Backstory You (a clone of The New Kid) can also use Double Edge to effectively give you up to four actions in a turn.


Speedster class selection screen.
Top left: Default costume
Center: Abilities (l-r: Hyperspace Fury, Quantum Fist, Double Edge, Supersonic Dash)
Right: Character artwork

All statistics below are under Heroic difficulty, for other difficulties, still blank.

The percentage in "Damage" is the correspondent percentage of the Attribute.

  • Quantum Fist - Punch a distant foe with science.
    • Range: Single tile on each side of the player
    • Attribute: Brawn
    • Damage: Moderate (210%)
    • Status Effect: None
  • Double Edge - Take two actions, miss next turn.
    • Range: Player in their own single tile
    • Attribute: Spunk
    • Damage: None (0%)
    • Status Effect: Player gains one more Extra Turn.
  • Supersonic Dash - Dash and knock back the last target.
    • Range: Three tiles in front of the player
    • Attribute: Brawn
    • Damage: Moderate (160%)
    • Status Effect: Reverse Knockback
  • Hyperspace Fury - Ultimate - A flurry of punches knock back a foe.
    • Range: One tile ahead of the player
    • Attribute: Brawn
    • Damage: High (625%)
    • Status Effect: Extreme Knockback


  • The Speedster's abilities, default costume and artwork during class selection are primarily inspired by the DC Comics character The Flash (similar with the inspiration for Fastpass); also some cues are taken from the Marvel Comics character Quicksilver.