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Stan Marsh is a warrior from the Drow Elves and is one of the six playable partners in South Park: The Stick of Truth.

For Stan's role in South Park: The Fractured But Whole, see Toolshed.

As for his role in Phone Destroyer, see Stan of Many Moons, Program Stan, Poseidon Stan, Stan the Great, and Toolshed (Phone Destroyer).


Stan dons a studded blue helmet with a red feather coming from the top (mimicking the red puff-ball of his original hat). He wears grey-white bands around his wrists and a brown belt over a sleeveless brown shirt and blue pants. In battle he is shown wielding his personal sword.

Quests Given




  • "This ends here, New Kid."
  • "Dude, that's Gary Nelson!"
  • "Give me back my iPhone, DEMON!!!!"
  • "I've brought help! Let's see you try and take us BOTH!"


  • Story Quests/Side Quests
    • "Your days are numbered, She-Ogre!"
    • "Die, you disgusting wench! (Attacking Shelly)
    • "Let's see you handle both of us." (Calling Sparky)
    • "Wolf brother, heed my call!" (Calling Sparky)
    • "Got 'em!" (After calling Sparky)
    • "Oh, no. No! No! No!" (After you defeated Sparky)
    • "My sword hand's got a cramp. I need a minute." (After successfully fending off Nazi Zombie Unicorn Stampede)
    • "So much for that." (When Nazi Zombie Princess Kenny summon Nazi Zombie Death)
  • Getting damaged
    • "Stop!"
  • Burned
    • "AH!"
    • "[panicked yell]"
  • Defeated
    • "What..."

Facebook Messages

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Stan becomes available as an ally once the New Kid is captured during the quest Recruit the Goth Kids. Outside of battle, he can call upon Sparky to pee on electronics to short them out, or make puddles of water larger.

In battle, his attacks usually hit multiple enemies - his sword attack is unique in that it hits all enemies in a column, allowing him to attack hiding enemies. His buddy ability can be used to dispatch dead enemies easily given it deals a bit of damage, making encounters with reviving enemies like Nazi Zombies easier. He also boasts the highest HP of all the buddies without the crippling priority Butters has, ensuring he can survive powerful hits without dying instantly.

Stan has notable weaknesses, however. He doesn't have a lot of PP to use his abilities, limiting his damage potential without items. Additionaly, he lacks a true single-hit or single-target attack, and his attacks rely on good enemy placement. While his standard sword attack is impressive in damage, these flaws make Stan poor against bosses and highly armored enemies.

In the end, Stan is a great buddy for those who don't like spending PP to do a lot of damage and great for those wanting to inflict damage to multiple foes.

Name Description Effect Picture
Marked for Death.jpg

Marked for Death (Buddy Ability)

Stan shines his Laser Pointer of the Ranger on the target's crotch, sending Sparky to attack. Stan uses a laser pointer to direct Sparky to attack an opponent, dealing minor damage and the Defense Down status.
Stan marked for death.jpg
Discus of Might.jpg

Discus of Might

Stan hurls a deadly disc at the target. The disc can Chain to random targets. Stan throws a frisbee at an opponent for decent damage. The attack also ricochets to two other targets when executed perfectly.
Stan discus of might.jpg
Whirlwind Slash.jpg

Whirlwind Slash

Stan executes a spinning sword attack that hits multiple foes. Stan hits the target and anyone adjacent multiple times, and unleashes a finishing slash on the main target, causing 2 stacks of Bleeding.
Stan whirlwind slash.jpg
Way of the Sword.jpg

Way of the Sword

Stan channels his inner action hero and attacks an enemy with a flurry of blows. Stan slashes a target seven times, with the last dealing more damage. Each hit rends 5% of the target's armor and the first hit also inflicts Burning.
Stan way of the sword.jpg



Stan is not present until about halfway through the game, when you are brought to the Elven Kingdom. Despite being a main character in the show, he has a relatively minor role in the story. He is either a boss or a buddy when you attack the school and helps to attack Clyde's Fortress. He also helps in the final boss fight.


  • In all the ads and promotional artwork, Stan is labeled as a Warrior, but in the game he is only referred as a Ranger.
  • In addition, Stan is shown in ads and promotional artwork wielding a simple wooden sword, but in-game, he wields his personal sword.
  • Tom Cruise is hiding inside Stan's closet from the episode "Trapped in the Closet". If the player tries to open the closet, Tom would be heard yelling "I'm never coming out!" This is why the player cannot check Stan's equipment inside his closet.
  • Stan makes a reference to his line "Oh, my God! They killed Kenny!" when defeating Nazi Zombie Princess Kenny the first time.
  • It is unknown if he knows that Wendy is secretly in love with The New Kid or not.
  • Stan appears far later in the story compared to his family members.
  • Stan is one of the only Buddies with other characters helping them out when fought, being Sparky in Stan's case. The other is Kyle, who summons Ike for his Summon Elven Berserker attack.

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