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Stand Your Ground is the Beta challenge found in the City Dump Scenario in the Danger Deck. It's the 14th and penultimate challenge of the Danger Deck.


This challenge has the player fight against enemies with either a high amount of movement or long Range attacks that were encountered during the game's main story line, not giving The New Kid and their allies any space where they can be safe from their enemies.



The only enemy who has inmunities is Professor Chaos

  • Bleeding
  • Burning
  • Charmed
  • Chilled
  • Confused
  • Enraged
  • Hemorraging
  • Slowed Down

On the Ultra version of the challenge, all of the enemies are inmmue to all negative status effects.


Normal Version (IN-PROGRESS) 

As we can see from the enemies’ team, the most of them have minor abilities to move, and enemies on the left can only attack from a straight line.

Ultra Version (IN-PROGRESS) 


After completing this challenge along with the other ones in the City Dump Scenario, The New Kid will be awarded with the Summons Decryptor, which allows any Summon items to be purchased from The Coon's Lair and The Freedom Pals' Base.

After completing this challenge along with the rest of them in the Ultra mode, The New Kid will be rewarded with the Asgard Suit and Bracers.