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Summons are characters who have lent you their help because of a sidequest you have done involving them.

In South Park: The Stick of Truth, there are four summons available, namely Mr. Hankey, Tuong Lu Kim, Jesus and Mr. Slave. They give you an item to use and summon them once per day (in-game), but you can use a summon item you received the previous day and then visit the character and get the summon item for that day.

In South Park: Fractured but Whole, there are also four summons available, namely Gerald Broflovski, Jimbo and Ned, CLASSi and Moses. You will also be given an item to use and summon them, however compared to the summons in South Park: The Stick of Truth, the summons in South Park: Fractured but Whole can be used anytime, albeit having a fixed limit inside the inventory. Also, they can't be replenished once they have been used, with the exception of purchasing them if the Summons Decryptor item is obtained from the DLC Danger Deck.

Each character has a unique summon that draws from that character's previous appearances in the South Park continuity.

South Park: The Stick of Truth Summons

  • Wrecked 'Em (Rawhide Whip) - Mr. Slave will jump in midair and swallow the person whole with his anus like he did to Paris Hilton.
  • Shitstorm (Piece of Poo) - Mr. Hankey will unleash tidal waves of poo like he did to the film festival celebrities.
  • Crossfire (Rosary) - Jesus will appear from the heavens with an assault rifle and shoot the enemies and as they fall, he assumes the pose he took after killing Bill Donahue at the Vatican.
  • Kim Chi (Miniature Gong) - Tuong Lu Kim appears and does the Chinese War Dance he did as he made his last stand against the Mongolians. He will also attack the enemies.

All summons are unusable against boss fights because they would make the boss fights too easy, the characters themselves mock that they can't be used against boss fights in their own way.

South Park: Fractured But Whole Summons

  • Warrior of Nippopolis (Chessing Vial) - Gerald will appear inside his fantasy land, riding his bomber plane as he will then be seen running around crazily, knocking down targeted enemies.
  • Master Marksmen (Ham Radio) - Jimbo and Ned will appear with all guns blazing towards targeted enemies.
  • Hit 'N' Run Queen (CLASSi's Burner) - CLASSi will appear with her convertible, ramming down all enemies on sight, cussing them and dashing away afterwards.
  • All-Powerful Healer (Macaroni Picture) - Moses will unleash holy powers from the Super Best Friends headquarters, blessing all team members with health, clearing away any status effects and providing an attack boost.