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Terrance and Philip are Canadian entertainers who appear in South Park: The Stick of Truth. They are also masters of the art of farting and use it in their TV show, the Terrance and Philip show on the Canada Channel on Canada TV.


Like most Canadians, they both have beady eyes and flapping heads. Terrance has black hair and a red shirt with the initial of his name on it. Phillip has blonde hair and a blue shirt with the initial of his name on it.


  • O Canada - Teach the player the Nagasaki fart.


Terrance and Phillip are introduced as two monks that live in the bottom right part of Vancouver and teach the New Kid how to use the Nagasaki fart via a Matrix parody after he shows that he can use the other three magic attacks. They remind him to never ever fart on another man's balls and friend him on Facebook.


  • Most of their television show episodes can be heard on television inside people's homes.
  • In the trailer Randy is seen teaching The New Kid to learn with Nagasaki, but in the actual game, Terrance and Philip teaching The New Kid Nagasaki. As they seen to be Matrix when The New Kid is dreaming after he were farted by Terrance and Philip.
  • Terrance and Philip are the only duo to teach a fart.
    • Terrance is also the only one to be voiced by Matt Stone, while Trey Parker voices Phillip.

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