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The Burrito Whisperer is a mission in South Park: The Fractured But Whole


Go to Freeman's Tacos and talk to Morgan Freeman to learn about crafting.


The Coon will make a call to The New Kid after the first few missions given by him is completed, requesting The New Kid to buy him a taco at the "new taco shop" i.e. Freeman's Tacos.

Take the Fast Travel point at South Park Elementary School and use it to travel from the school to Main Street.

Continue walking to the right from the Fast Travel point on main street until you reach Freeman's Tacos.

When you get there, go inside to talk to Morgan Freeman and he will guide you through crafting an Enchirito, which will come in handy later on.

After crafting the Enchirito, Morgan Freeman will also give a set of costume recipes for crafting: the Doom Costume set, the Amazing Butthole Costume set, the Cyberwolf Costume set and the Norse Costume set.

Before leaving, go into the bathroom to use the toilet and find another piece of Creek Yaoi Art.



  • If the crafting process is not executed in a rapid fashion, Morgan Freeman will push you to keep going. This is the only time where Morgan Freeman is irritated by delays.