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The Chains of Super Craig is a mission in South Park: The Fractured But Whole.


Help Craig catch his guinea pig Stripe in the basement.


Meet up with Super Craig at his house. After Super Craig introduces himself to The New Kid, head downstairs into the basement. Craig will stand by the stairs, asking The New Kid to take a look around. Open up Inspection Mode to find clues. Pick up the Snap N Pops sitting near Stripe's cage. These are useful for knocking items from walls or doing ranged damage.

Once the Snap N Pops has been picked up, Super Craig will then notice Stripe hiding in the vent tube of the ceiling. The vent cover is cracked, so use the Snap N Pops on it will break it. Stripe will then be hanging from the vent; throw the Snap N Pops to the vent a second time to knock Stripe to the ground.

Stripe will then scurry off, but will stop behind a pile of trash. Break the trash to get Stripe running again. Stripe will then run to the top of a white cabinet, opening a box of fireworks along the way. Throw a Snap N Pops to the firework box, then throw a fart at it to make it explode. Stripe will then jump off and run again, this time to behind a laundry basket near the dryer. Move the basket to scare Stripe out. Stripe will then run through a broken vent cover near the ground. Use your Fart power to get him out. Stripe will then be subdued, allowing itself to be picked up by Super Craig.

Super Craig unlocked as a Combat Buddy after completion of the mission.

After Super Craig places Stripe back into its pen, he will be made available as a Combat Buddy. Super Craig will also agree to have a selfie taken with you.

Once out of the basement, you will see Mr. Tucker there trying to talk to The New Kid, Talk to him to trigger a scavenger hunt.

After leaving Craig's House, head to Cartman's House (If both missions are complete) or Kyle's House (If the mission Alternate Universes Collide is not done).

Along the way, you will notice the garage door of Jimmy's House will be blocked by "lava". A short video conference will then take place, whereby Professor Chaos appears, informing that "lava" has been placed at certain points of the town. As The Coon will advise you later on, just ignore the "lava" for now.



  • It is revealed in this mission that Stripe has a cage downstairs, but later Super Craig informs that he doesn't keep Stripe at the basement all the time.