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The Many Asses of Dr. Mephesto is a mission in South Park: The Fractured But Whole


Welcome to the bleeding edge of technology, an amazing tour with all your friends to find out all about genetic science, this could be a trip of excitement and happiness if the exhibits weren't trying to kill you, and can be less disturbing if you didn't have to murder your parents.

Walkthrough & Story

The Tour Begins

After torturing The Coon, he would confess that Mitch Conner had a plan to genetically alter the cats, Toolshed then implies that the plan has a place in the genetics lab. Without further ado, all Freedom Pals decided to go to the lab to investigate.

Head to Mephesto Genetics Lab by using the Fast Travel system (the nearest station will be Shi Tpa Town, next to City Wok) and continuing the rest of your way there by foot. You will then bump into all of the Freedom Pals, waiting at the lab gates. A short cut scene will the play, whereby Human Kite will press the gate buzzer to inform that they are all here to attend the tour. However, the person speaking through the buzzer says that the tour will only begin from 10pm till midnight for 'safety purposes'. Toolshed then proceeds to check his phone, stating that the group will have to wait for 6 hours until they're able to enter the lab for the tour.

At this point, you can freely roam the area. After some time, whereby the group will make some small talk among themselves, approach the entrance gate, whereby the silhouette of Morgan Freeman will appear, telling that time can be fast forwarded if a powerful fart is channeled through the AC fan located next to the gate. The fan will then be fired up; approach it and you'll be prompted to open the Timefart controls. Open the Timefart controls, then press the prompts shown (move both controller sticks up for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, hold W and Up arrow keys for PC by default). After farting through the AC fan, you will then notice that the setting has been changed to night time. This fart power will be revealed to be Timefart Shift.

The New Kid initiating Timefart Shift.

A cut scene will then play, whereby Mysterion and Toolshed express their surprise on time being brought forward all of a sudden, whereas Human Kite will comment that the area smells like rotten meat. Human Kite will then proceed to press the buzzer, whereby the person states that the time for the tour has arrived; the gates will then be opened. Proceed through the gate to enter the lab's compound. Before catching up with the Freedom Pals, loot the bags placed outside the compound; there will be three of them, hidden in snow piles. The bag at the bottom left corner will contain a Maximum Revive Serum and the recipe for the Orb of Sublime Insight. The other two bags, one located also at the left and another at the right will contain crafting components. Once done, proceed to the group waiting near the front door.

Upon arriving the front door, a cut scene will play, whereby the group will be greeted by the person who spoke with Human Kite through the gate buzzer, who is revealed to be Dr. Mephesto. The group proceeds to enter the lab. Dr. Mephesto then proceeds to explain about adding asses to many subjects. He then invites the group to the tour tram to begin the tour.

You will then be placed back into the field of play. Feel free to interact with the staff working at the area. Head to the tour tram on the left to continue. Before heading though, loot the cabinet and drawer next to a lab staff wearing a green bio-hazard suit.

Once you've entered the tour tram, a new cut scene will ensue, whereby the group will be brought to a greenhouse containing crops genetically altered with asses.

The group will then be brought to the second floor of the lab, where Dr. Mephesto will explain that the wonders of genetic engineering gives the chance to combine different animals, also added with more asses.

Later, the group will be brought to the third floor of the lab, whereby it is revealed to be a lab to experiment on his deceased child Terrance, who apparently got killed when some kids was messing around with a relic against Barbra Streisand. Human Kite and Toolshed states that they was wondering what happened to Terrance, as Mysterion then quietly murmurs that they were the ones who caused Terrance's death. Call Girl then asks if the experiments were made to try and bring his son back to life, with Dr. Mephesto replying that the experiments are not to bring his son back to life, but only just to add more asses to his body so that he can rest in peace.

The group will then be brought to the fourth floor of the lab, whereby it is revealed to be a lab containing genetically mutated Sixth Graders. Super Craig then proceeds to angrily ask why is this all being done, to which Dr. Mephesto explains that they are backed by a new financial donor and created as protection against the genetically altered cats.

Dr. Mephesto then proceeds to bring the group inside the room where the genetically altered cats are kept while explaining about them, also stating that the experiments are backed by the financial donor named Mr. Conner.

Attack of the Genetically Altered Mutants

Suddenly, the lights of the room is shut off; Dr. Mephesto then heads to a nearby control panel to try to activate the lights back, however a voice comes through the lab's PA system, revealing to be Mr. Conner himself, who states that the group has figured out his 'little plan' and stating that The New Kid is being a pain to the ass for him. Mr. Conner proceeds to allow The Coon to speak through the PA system, with The Coon telling the group not to trust Mr. Conner's words; Mr. Conner proceeds to silence The Coon up. Dr. Mephesto then tries to reason with Mr. Conner, however Mr. Conner then states that sometimes sacrifices has to be made for the greater good; he then proceeds to shut down the lab's security grid system, jeopardizing the whole lab. The group is then locked inside the room as the genetically altered cats are released from their cages; you will be forced to battle against them.

The escaped genetically altered cats surrounding the Freedom Pals.

Battle: Genetically Altered Cats

This battle will begin with two Tom Cats (large-sized solid colored cats) and three Crazed Cats (small-sized cats with patches). There will also be three bio-hazard containers scattered across the battlefield, when exploded, it affects a 4-tile cross shape area, causing the Grossed Out effect to whoever is at the explosion area.

A recommended party member for this battle will be Toolshed, as his Drillslinger and Spiral Power abilities can be dished out at range to break to the bio-hazard containers without being affected by it. Try to have the cats positioned near the containers, then use Toolshed's ability to break the containers, making the cats affected by the Grossed Out effect upon explosion of the containers.

As for the cats, it is best to take down the Tom Cats first, as they have the ability to boost the other cats attacks and giving them a minor amount of protection. Be wary of the Crazed Cats though, their attacks inflicts rather hard damage, also the Bleeding status effect will be applied.

After the first batch of cats is defeated, Dr. Mephesto will accidentally release another batch of genetically altered cats, consisting of the same amount of cats as the first batch. Continue attacking the cats; it is recommended to have The New Kid equipped with AoE abilities such as Plantmancer's Root Burst ability or Martial Artist's Dragon Dance ability to take out multiple cats as once; also, use the Timefart Summon ability to gain the upper hand.

Once the second batch of cats is taken down, Dr. Mephesto will accidentally release the last batch of genetically altered cats, consisting of one Tom Cat and one Crazed Cat. Simply defeat the cats with the same methods as used on the earlier batches of cats.

You will be rewarded with the Claw Scars costume item upon victory.

After the battle, a brief cut scene will ensue, whereby the room's doors will be opened and the group proceeds to leave the room alongside Dr. Mephesto.

You will then be led outside of the fourth floor, with the place being totally wrecked due to the shutdown of the lab's security grid system by Mr. Conner. Make your way the group on the right side; another brief cut scene will ensue, whereby Dr. Mephesto tries to activate the tour tram, however it is revealed to be offline. The group then notices that the mutant Sixth Graders has broken out; Dr. Mephesto then proclaims that someone must head to the third floor to activate the override switch for the tram. The whole group quickly raise their hands to not do so except The New Kid.

Once the cut scene ends, proceed to the lab door on the very right of the area. You will then enter a wrecked laboratory room; at the background a staff member will be attacked by a mutant Sixth Grader. First, loot the cabinet located at the very front, then loot the bag behind two lab tables to obtain the recipe for the Dazzling Dervish artifact. Clear the bio-hazard blockade with Sandblaster to make your way through.

Dr. Mephesto will then make a video call to The New Kid, stating that the door at the far end leads to the stairway to the third floor and that you need to activate it, with Super Craig exclaiming behind that stairs should not be blocked by electrical powered doors. You will then see a power unit stored inside a room guarded with lasers. For this part, first use Haywire to have the door containing the power unit opened, then proceed to use Timefart Pause to safely drag the power container out of the place. Next use Diabetic Rage to topple over the boiler blocking the path, then drag the power unit to the end of the area. Use Timefart Glitch to rewind the boiler back to its original position, then drag the power unit to the slot beside the door. The door will then be activated, you'll then be able to access the stairs down to the third floor. Before leaving the area though, you can loot the bag located at a platform above the boiler to obtain a Cheesing Vial, also there's a cabinet that can be looted located at the very right of the area.

Once you've arrived at the third floor, Dr. Mephesto will then make another video call, advising The New Kid to head west of the area. Along the way, a cut scene will play, where a mutant ape Sixth Grader (named Jasper) will show up and assault The New Kid. However, another Sixth Grader then calls out to have Jasper to look at some boobs; he will then proceed to run off. Continue your way to the left, loot the bag at the bottom left corner and interact with the door at the end.

You will be inside a room, where Jasper can be seen staring at a screen showing an anatomical image of the female bust. You can press the button labelled "PANIC" to turn the screen off, Jasper will then turn back and make an angry exclamation. Press the button again to turn on the screen, getting Jasper distracted back at the screen. On the right corner below the platform on the door you've entered from, use Sandblaster to clear the bio-hazard blockade and loot the container for some crafting components. Also, throw a Snap N Pops to a pipe which has a crack on the top to reveal a pouch, which you can pick up and open the glass door cabinet located by the left. At this point you will see some mutant Sixth Graders roaming the area, you are forced to confront with them to continue.

To simplify the battle, first use Haywire onto the wiring panel located above lab door, then quickly use Timefart Pause to activate a "PANIC" button located inside. This will open a screen showing the female bust, distracting some of the mutant Sixth Graders. Proceed to the left where the will be another "PANIC" button; press it to open another screen showing the female bust, distracting a few more of the mutant Sixth Graders. Along the way, loot the container which contains the Plasma Analizer artifact and a glass door cabinet containing the Homicidal Tendencies DNA slot. To make the upcoming battle even simpler, activate Timefart Pause and fart directly/throw farts onto the mutant Sixth Graders (the ones which aren't distracted by the screens). When ready, simply punch them to start the fight.

Battle: Mutant Sixth Graders

This battle will consist of four mutant Sixth Grader Apes and four mutant Sixth Grader Pigs. If you were to activate the screens before the battle, two of the mutant Sixth Grader Apes will smack the mutant Sixth Grader Pigs, making them explode and causing some damage to them.

You will see on both ends of the battlefield, there will be electrified coils, which if knocked against will release an electrical discharge, affecting a single tile which will cause the Shocked effect to anyone within its range. Use this to your advantage by equipping The New Kid with knockback abilities and party members with knockback abilities (e.g. Captain Diabetes), then push the mutant Sixth Graders towards the electrified coils.

The mutant Sixth Graders in this battle has attacks which deals direct damage without causing status effects. Be wary of the mutant Sixth Grader Pigs though, they will explode after being taken down, inflicting some damage, also they're immune to the Grossed Out status effect. The mutant Sixth Grader Apes also has an ability with a massive knockback that can send you or your party members to the electrified coils instead.

Use your best attacks onto the mutant Sixth Graders as well as knocking them back to the electrified coils whenever possible; after defeating all of them you will be rewarded with the SphincterPlex artifact and the Gorilla Toughness DNA slot.

After the battle, you will receive another video call from Dr. Mephesto. Simply proceed left and interact with the door to continue.

The Master Plan of Mitch Conner

A cut scene will then play, where The Coon is shown being held captive by Mr. Conner. After a period of conversation, Mr. Conner will then reveal his plan to take over South Park. Human Kite then quickly tells The New Kid to take a selfie of the plan.

Proceed to do so by opening Coonstagram and taking the selfie. After it has been taken, The Coon and Mr. Conner will then make their escape via the control panel they were on, in which Dr. Mephesto then appears. Dr. Mephesto then exclaims that he shouldn't have placed the control panel on a mobilized platform and the tour tram will have to be activated from the ground floor instead, with Super Craig retorting his statement.

The Coon being discovered by the Freedom Pals on the third floor of the lab.

You will then be placed back into field of play, where Mosquito will start to break down crying. Before leaving the area, feel free to interact with your group mates, also loot the bag at the bottom left corner of the area, as well as another bag next to where Captain Diabetes will be standing and a toolbox where Doctor Timothy will be located. Proceed to the door on the very left to continue.

You will be inside a destroyed area of the lab. First, clear the bio-hazard blockade with Sandblaster. Continue ahead and loot the container, which will contain the Nucleus Suit and Mask. For the next part, use Haywire first to the wiring panel to drop the door down to the ground, then use Fartkour to make your way to the left end of the area. If you were to do Fartkour first, you and Human Kite will end up falling down; the game will be considered over.

Once reaching the left side of the area, proceed down a slope; loot the cabinet and container situated at the platform before using Fartkour again to make your way to the right. Upon arriving at the right area, loot the cabinet by the left, then use Diabetic Rage to open the emergency exit trap door at the right. A ladder will then be revealed, make your way down it to continue.

You will then end up on the second floor, where Dr. Mephesto will make another video call stating that all the mutated animals has broken loose. Apart from the vending machine in which you can purchase some components for crafting as well as Revive Serum and Taco Supreme for health items, there is nothing of interest here, so make your way to the door on the very right and interact with it.

Upon entering, you will discover some more mutant Sixth Graders chomping on some pizza slices, with Dr. Mephesto making another video call to warn about them. Like the first battle against mutant Sixth Graders, you are forced to confront with them to continue. First, loot the chest located at the very left of the area, then loot the toolbox located next to the water retention tank. Use Timefart Pause to loot the bag at the far right, at the same time you can directly punch the mutant Sixth Graders to stun them. Once done, simply punch the mutant Sixth Graders again to initiate combat with them.

Battle: Mutant Sixth Graders...and more

For this battle, you will start by battling against the bunch of mutated Sixth Graders (known as mutant Sixth Grader Honey Badgers) that was encountered during the field of play. Note that the battleground has telegraphed squares in a checkered form and a real-time event bar appearing - when the bar fills, mutant Sixth Graders will pounce up from the bottom of the telegraphed squares, causing a set amount of damage to whoever is in the area. When the real-time event bar resets, the position of the telegraphed squares will be inverted.

Like the battle against the genetically altered cats, a recommended party member for this battle will be Toolshed, as his Drillslinger and Spiral Power abilities can be dished out at range while being able to position him on the safe grid areas of the battlefield. Tupperware will also be handy, as his Hot Swap ability allows him to switch places with anyone if you ever find him standing in a telegraphed attack area.

After defeating the mutant Sixth Grader Honey Badgers, a second batch of mutated enemies will appear (consisting of two mutant Sixth Grader Porcupines and a Crazed Cat). Simply continue taking them on, if possible position them on the area of the telegraphed attack. Also, make use of your Timefart abilities when needed (Timefart Summon will be of great use here).

Once the second batch of enemies has been defeated, the final batch of mutated enemies will turn up (consisting of two Sixth Grader Honey Badgers and two Crazed Cats). Like the first two batches of mutated enemies, simply continue attacking them with the same strategies as with the first two batches of enemies.

Upon victory, you will be rewarded with the Cloven Heirloom artifact and the Raging Hormones DNA slot.

The Tough Decision

Head to the door by the right once the battle against the mutant Sixth Graders has been completed. You will then enter a lab, upon which you will see The New Kid's father lying on a surgical table while being trapped by a tube brace. Upon noticing The New Kid, he will call out The New Kid. Interact with him to proceed.

A brief cut scene will then play, whereby The New Kid's father will reveal that the lab is attempting to extract DNA from The New Kid's father and mother. He will then point out on the DNA extractor on the top, where one of The New Kid parents' DNA sample is required to open the access to the lift heading to the ground floor. The New Kid's father then convinces The New Kid to take a DNA sample from The New Kid's mother.

The New Kid's father discovered trapped inside the lab by The New Kid.

Proceed to the right of the area; along the way loot the cabinet positioned next to the lift, the chest of drawers next to the surgical table where The New Kid's father is being held and two bags, one located by the right side to the room where The New Kid's mother is held, another will be at the bottom corner on the very right side of the lab.

Enter the room to find The New Kid's mother incapacitated. Before interacting with her, loot the glass cabinet next to her to obtain the Tactical Genius DNA slot. Interact with The New Kid's mother to continue.

Another brief cut scene will then play, whereby The New Kid's mother will reveal that she has been attacked by the mutant Sixth Graders, and that her legs has been broken as a result. She then mentions that The New Kid's father is held on the surgical table to have his head cut off.she then convinces The New Kid to perform it to obtain the DNA sample from The New Kid's father. The New Kid's father then screams out that he heard what The New Kid's mother said; they both proceed to briefly argue among each other. The New Kid's mother then quietly convinces The New Kid again to cut The New Kid's father's head to have it placed in the DNA extractor.

At this point, just head back and forth between The New Kid's mother and father and interact with them. The New Kid's father will reveal that due to The New Kid's mother being unable to keep her mouth shut, there will be people who will discover their powers and attempt to make a clone of The New Kid out of it.

You will then have to make the hard decision to sacrifice one of The New Kid's parents to proceed. If you decide to sacrifice The New Kid's mother, just approach to where she is and interact with her, eventually a button prompt will appear for you to mash on, in which The New Kid will forcibly rip off the left arm of The New Kid's mother. If you decide to sacrifice The New Kid's father, just approach and interact with him, eventually a button prompt will appear for you to mash on, in which The New Kid will activate the laser cutter situated above the surgical table where The New Kid's father is being held, having the head of The New Kid's father sliced as a result.

Once either of The New Kid's parents has been sacrificed, pick up their body part (arm if The New Kid's mother is sacrificed, head if The New Kid's father is sacrified) and place it inside the DNA extractor. The door leading to the lift will then be opened, proceed down the lift to continue.

Upon reaching the first floor with the elevator, head left; you can stock up on your inventory with the vending machine beside, also there will be bag containing a Maximum Revive Serum and a Maximum Antidote for you to loot. The Sixth Grader Leader can be seen afterwards, having been mutated to an ape-like form. You can pay 25 cents to add asses to him, if the machine runs out of it, it will just spank him. Exit through the door on the left, and you will meet the most horrible abomination that has ever came to existence.

How Time Flies

Once exiting the door, a cut scene will then play, where the tour tram has been activated and the group, together with Dr. Mephesto has arrived on the ground floor greenhouse. Mr. Conner then turns up with The Coon, stating that he had his plans in order that benefits himself and The Coon, only for The New Kid to be a thorn on his side and stop his ideas. The Coon then briefly argues with Mr. Conner over his idea on creating a massive genetically altered superhero. However, Mr. Conner proceeds to shut The Coon up, then stating that since he couldn't get to extract the DNA from The New Kid's parents, he had to resort to genetically alter an existing superhero: Human Kite 2, who then shows up from behind the greenhouse crops. You will then be forced into combat against the massively mutated Human Kite 2.

Battle: Mutant Human Kite 2

This battle will be one of the toughest encountered for the game. Mutant Human Kite 2 will be in supersize form. Mainly he will use his laser attack followed by slamming himself to the ground, affecting two whole columns of the battlefield grid, inflicting quite a substantial amount of damage. If two members in your party is aligned in a row, he will use a rush attack in a straight line. Sometimes after an attack, he will spray blood-infected mucus from his nose across the whole battlefield, causing the Grossed Out status effect. Also, he will be immune to all status effects except Defense Down.


It is recommended to use party members with high health like Call Girl, Captain Diabetes or Tupperware for this battle. Call Girl has the advantage of her Phone Destroyer attack to constantly inflict Defense Down on Mutant Human Kite 2, as for Captain Diabetes his attacks deal a high amount of damage, also having the ability to shield himself. Tupperware has one of the highest health among your party members that can be picked, also his Hot Swap ability will be of great use to strategically position you and your party members out of the way, giving himself a high amount of protection to soak up Human Kite 2's attacks. Toolshed can also be used for this circumstance, as he can attack from range and has a healing ability to back up you and your party members if needed, also his Ultimate ability is able to deal a devastating amount of damage.

As for The New Kid, it is best to equip abilities which deals high damage (like Martial Artist's abilities), also equip artifacts which boost Critical Attacks and Ultimate Recovery. The artifact Tumbler of Erupting Youth (obtained from defeating Jared in The Thin White Line) will be of great use here, as you'll be needing to use some of your health items (i.e. Revive Serum and Antidote), the aforementioned artifact doubles the recovery amount given by the health items.

Before the battle begins, Dr. Mephesto will appear on the battlefield, acting as a bystander, standing next to an exhaust fan. To begin with, simply attack Mutant Human Kite 2 with your best attacks, also make use of Timefart Summon to gain an upper hand on the fight.

After taking off around a quarter of his health bar, he will give himself turns after each of you and your party members attack. Try not to cluster yourself and your party members together, otherwise his laser attack will really significantly affect your party.

After Human Kite 2 has delivered a few attacks, a brief cut scene will then play, where Mysterion, Toolshed and Human Kite is shown having a hard time to take down mutated Human Kite 2, with Human Kite explaining that they will have to hold on until daytime as he can't stand sunlight. You will then be placed back into combat once the cut scene ends.

You will then notice that the exhaust fan on the battlefield has been activated, with Dr. Mephesto advising The New Kid to fart on the fan to 'rotate the earth 180 degrees'. Open up the Timefart controls, the press the relevant prompt buttons to activate Timefart Shift.

Once activated, the setting will then shift to daytime, Mutant Human Kite 2 will then pause to apply sunscreen on his body, a real-time event bar will then appear. At this point, he will stop attacking and he will be in Defense Down status. Dish out your strongest attacks onto Mutant Human Kite 2 quickly to drain his health pool.

When the real-time event bar has been filled, Mutant Human Kite 2 will resume attacking after each party members turn. Take note on the Timefart ability timer, when Dr. Mephesto mentions that The New Kid should use his farting ability to the fan, quickly activate Timefart Shift to shift the setting back to night time, causing Mutant Human Kite 2 to stop attacking to wipe of his sunscreen and being in the Defense Down status again. Like the first round of using Timefart Shift, unleash your strongest attacks onto Mutant Human Kite 2 quickly to drain his health pool.

You might have to repeat the process around 3-4 times for the battle. Once Mutant Human Kite 2 has his health fully drained out, Toolshed will then instruct The New Kid to unleash 'one last fart'. Press the prompt buttons as displayed on screen, once the prompt buttons has been successfully pressed The New Kid will unleash a mega-powered fart that rapidly shifts the setting between day and night, knocking out Mutant Human Kite 2 in the process.

Upon defeating Mutant Human Kite 2, you will be rewarded with the Sentient Cyst artifact.

The Tour Ends

The New Kid being surrounded by the Freedom Pals after defeating Mutant Human Kite 2.

After the battle against Mutant Human Kite 2, a cut scene will play, where Mutant Human Kite 2 will drop down defeated, stating that he has pulled a muscle. The New Kid will then be seen lying down flat on the floor, waking up after being aided up by Human Kite and Toolshed. Dr. Mephesto then thanks the group for coming over for the tour, he then says that the group may proceed to the lab's gift shop, with Super Craig retorting over his remark.

The group is then seen inside the lab's gift shop, where Dr. Mephesto then shows the group that they can purchase some gifts from there, including showing an image of The New Kid facing Mutant Human Kite 2. Mysterion then exclaims that they should leave the place, while Toolshed expresses his disappointment over the tour. 

"Oh no! The New Kid's fart has fast forwarded time to ten days later!"

Once the group has exited the lab, they plan to warn the town over Mr. Conner's plan; Human Kite then asks what the time is. Upon checking his phone, Mysterion then exclaims that time has been brought forward 10 days later, to the day where Mr. Conner will be sworn in as mayor of South Park. Toolshed then sarcastically thanks The New Kid on bringing forward time with his fart powers, as the group then quickly made their way to the South Park City Hall; the mission will then be complete.

Before leaving to City Hall for the next mission, head back inside the lab to take a selfie with Dr. Mephesto, there will also be a bunch of Memberberries hanging by a bush on the left corner of the lab's front compound that you can interact with, they are the last ones available, so you should have collected all of them at this point and you might get the achievement for Xbox and PC/trophy for PlayStation.

Boss Fight Video



  • Jasper, the first ape attacking The New Kid, was mentioned as missing three days ago by one of the Sixth Graders. The Sixth Grader would serve as standing guard near a campfire by the left of South Park Elementary during Day 2 in-game.
  • How did Human Kite 2 reach the lab or turned into a mutant monster was never mentioned, however, there was originally a glass of blue liquid on the tour, which Super Craig expressed his doubt towards its safety.
  • This is the only night in-game where:
    • The New Kid never express fright.
    • All of the stories happened in a single building.
    • All main characters appears in one scene.