The Timmy Express is a quest given to the New Kid upon arriving in the Kingdom of Kupa Keep.


You have to collect 12 flags with the Timmy Express logo on them.


As you wander across South Park, you'll find the 12 Timmy Express flags.

  1. Kingdom of Kupa Keep - impossible to miss as it automatically activates.
  2. Bus Stop - automatically activates as the game explains its role.
  3. Neighborhood - outside Kevin Stoley's house.
  4. School - in front of South Park Elementary.
  5. Church - outside the Church.
  6. Downtown - in front of the Post Office.
  7. East Downtown - right before the entrance to the Basketball Court and playground.
  8. U-Stor-It - in front of the U-Stor-It facility.
  9. Dark Meadows Estates - outside Token's House.
  10. Restaurant Row - in front of the Tower of Peace.
  11. Kenny's House - outside Kenny's House.
  12. The Elven Kingdom - inaccessible until Day 2.

Upon finding all twelve, Timmy will friend you on Facebook and you can fast travel anywhere in South Park with a Timmy Express flag located there.


Timmy's Fast Travel Locations


  • While this quest can be found on Day 1, it cannot be completed until Day 2, as the last flag is in the Elven Kingdom which can only be accessed on the second day.
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