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Timmy Burch is a character in South Park: The Stick of Truth. He is used as the fast travel in the game, taking the player to Timmy Express Stations around town.

For Timmy's role in South Park: The Fractured But Whole, see Doctor Timothy.

As for his role in Phone Destroyer, see Pirate Ship Timmy, Mecha Timmy, Pope Timmy and Catapult Timmy.


Sir Timmy wears a green shirt and blue pants. He wears a brown hat and is in a wheelchair with a fake horse tied to the front and a wagon attached to the back.

Quests Given


  • The Timmy Express - Must find all of his fast travel stations. Completing this quest has him to friend you on Facebook.


Aside from his side quest and acting as fast travel, Timmy has no other role in the story. This makes him the only Drow Elf who has no involvement in battle.

Facebook Messages

Timmy facebook message.png



  • Despite being a part of the Drow Elves, the sworn enemies of the KKK, Sir Timmy's Fast Travel remains open to the New Kid, a KKK member, to use. It is likely this is part of the agreed-upon rules of the game between the children.
  • On Timmy's Facebook profile picture, his hat is green with a pink line and his shirt is red, but in the game the hat is brown with a red line and his shirt is green.
  • Timmy's only appearance in the game is when The New Kid honks the horn near his house and approaches, as well if the New Kid uses the fast travel horn from near his house to another location.
  • Unlike any other character who posts on Facebook, Timmy still comments his own name.

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