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Part 4th grader, part food storage container, Tupperware became a crimefighting cyborg after an unfortunate pantry incident. Before his accident he was Token Black, but now uses his enhanced durability to absorb attacks and keep his allies feeling fresh on the battlefield.[1]

Tupperware is the alter-ego of Token Black in South Park: The Fractured But Whole.

For Tupperware's role in South Park: Phone Destroyer, see Tupperware (Phone Destroyer).

Appearance and Personality

Tupperware wears a blue and light gray suit together with light gray gloves. He wears a large round plastic container with a blue lid on his head, acting as his helmet. His arms is laced with long cylindrical plastic containers with two red plastic lids on his wrists, acting as wrist bracers and two red squarish plastic containers is attached to his ankles, acting as ankle bracers. He also wears a yellow belt with a buckle bearing the initial 'T' around his waist, with a plastic water bottle strapped to the right side and small plastic containers strapped on the left side. On his rear, a yellow square plastic container fixed with a yellow plastic strap is fitted, acting as a rear armor / power pack of sort.

Personality wise, Tupperware acts in a robotic-like way, expressing almost little to no emotion. However, he expresses surprise when he discovers his parents being held in the holding cells at the Park County Police Station.


A one-in-a-million pantry accident had turned Token Black into Tupperware, a cyborg superhero who has the power to construct deadly Tupper Turrets and keep the food fresh. - In-game character description

As a Cyborg archetype, Tupperware specializes in controlling the battlefield to protect his allies. His Tupper Turret is somewhat fragile, but it can rack up some extra damage on a foe, give enemies something else to focus on, or lure them into a vulnerable position. His Tupper Tornado lets him push enemies away from himself, possibly forcing Knockback Combos with nearby allies or giving him room to set up a Tupper Turret. Hot Swap acts similarly to Fastpass's Transporter ability, but with the ability to switch places with anyone (ally or enemy) and with Tupperware gaining Protection instead of healing the targeted ally; between the shield and his naturally high health, this is mainly used to pull weakened friends out of danger, put a foe in a disadvantageous position, and/or put himself in a position to soak up enemy fire.

Tupperware's biggest weakness is his relatively poor damage output; even his Ultimate is more limited in terms of damage potential than most heroes. He also faces competition from Captain Diabetes as a tank; although the diabetic superhero isn't as good at position control and defending his allies, he deals much more damage and gains Protection more easily.

Combat Abilities

  • Tupper Mech Mk III - Ultimate - Initiates upgrade.
    • Rocket Barrage - Hits a cross-shaped area of five squares with missiles.
      • Range: Any of five tiles in cross-shaped in the entire battle field
      • Damage: Low to moderate
      • Status Effect: Shocked and Slow
  • Tupper Tornado - Smack and knock back all foes nearby. (Similar to Captain Diabetes's Insulin Shock ability)
    • Range: 4 enemies tiles in cross-shaped surrounded around him
    • Damage: Moderate
    • Status Effect: Knockback
  • Hot Swap - Swap spots with anybody, gains Protection. (Similar to Fastpass's Transporter ability)
    • Range: Any character within four tiles of him
    • Damage: None
    • Status Effect: gain Protection
  • Tupper Turret - Summons an offensive gun turret. (Similar to Gadgeteer's Straight Shooter ability)
    • Range: Single empty tile in front of him
    • Damage: None (Turret does moderate to low damage)
    • Status Effect: Summons a turret
    • Other: His turret shoot all enemies in 3 horizontal tiles from left to right


Tupperware is one of the original seven members of the first-generation superheroes, and one of the first members of Coon and Friends.[2] After disagreeing on the superhero franchise plan proposed by The Coon however, he left the team and sided with Freedom Pals.[3]

Tupperware serves as the primary financial source and the tank for his team, he also created the Danger Deck as a method to train his teammates, despite this, The New Kid is still allowed to have access to it if it's paid for.

He is first introduced in the mission Civil War, saying nothing. He later joins in the fight between Coon and Friends with Mysterion and Wonder Tweek, but ends up being defeated.

Tupperware reappears in Civil War 2: Playtime's Over, accusing The Coon for stealing Doctor Timothy's phone. He then joins in the battle with Doctor Timothy, Mysterion, Toolshed and the Kindergartners (being mind controlled by Doctor Timothy). Despite the additional advantage, he ends up being defeated again.

He makes a surprise appearance to The New Kid during The New Kid's break-in into the Freedom Pals Base with Professor Chaos. However, he was later calmed down by Doctor Timothy, who appears from the secret room of Freedom Pals Base and decides to trust them both.

Tupperware later heads to the Senior Center to deliver a community service, during which The New Kid upsets the residents after playing the flugelhorn anally, which made the residents realize The New Kid is the Farting Vigilante and assumes that their prescription drugs will be seized by The New Kid. Tupperware then proceeds to escape the Senior Center alongside The New Kid, Professor Chaos and Wonder Tweek.

Tupperware is present with his other Freedom Pals members on the third night at the Park County Police Station, where he almost got shot by the police officers on guard, twice. He then discovers his parents being imprisoned in the holding cells underneath. Later in that night, he encounters Sergeant Yates, who unleashes Jared from his personal holding cell, which Tupperware is forced to confront with. He also later confronts Shub-Niggurath at the pit located in the very bottom floor of the police station.

After Civil War 3 has ended with Doctor Timothy's defeat, Tupperware presses the button to reveal the franchise plan by the Doctor, and helps convince all heroes to come together.

On the next day, however, the plan is shown to be stolen, and Tupperware reaches the conclusion that the thief must have come in the night and gotten past the security grid. He then joins the others to Catch the Coon and find the New Kid’s parents.

During the mission "Farts of Future Past", Tupperware is a mandatory partner to defeat Warrior Clyde.

Quests Given


For the complete collection of Tupperware's quotes, refer to the page Tupperware/Quotes.



  • Tupperware is a parody of DC Comics' Cyborg, being a black character who becomes a cyborg after being attached with cybernetic parts to save his life after a near-fatal accident. He also has shades of Marvel Comics' Iron Man, being a gadget-themed superhero who acts as the wealthy benefactor of his team, including a lavish mansion for use as their base, and who uses advanced suits of armor in battle. Correspondingly, the suits names begin with Mach#.
  • He is one of the few enemies that has one or more abilities that become stronger between battles. In "Civil War", Hot Swap only targets characters in a single row and grants little Protection to Tupperware; by "Civil War 2: Playtime's Over", its range expands to all directions and the Protection boost is much greater. Other enemies with such a feature include Human Kite 2, Randy Marsh and Almighty King Douchebag, all bosses.
  • He is the only ally to have normal abilities that uses all three qualities: Brawn, Brains and Spunk.

The New Kid with the Tupperware Mk I outfit.

  • Tupperware was supposed to be a combat buddy when going to the strip club. In the trailers, he can be seen fighting VIP clients and strippers. This was later changed to Captain Diabetes.
  • In Token's bedroom, the combination to his locker at South Park Elementary can be found, which in turn gives the recipe to create a version of Tupperware's outfit.
  • His name is a reference to the home products line company "Tupperware"[4]


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