We've got almost all the long pages done, but one remains, and it could very well be the longest and most difficult page we're ever going to work on: Patches. I've played through this game plenty of times, and even I haven't bought/found all of them. No website on the internet has any information on what all the patches do or where they're found. This isn't a task for one or two people alone, but perhaps all of us. We all need to discover what all the patches are, where they are, and what they do together.

I'll need 2 more volunteers to help scour the entire game for every single patch, whether it comes from buying or finding. Leave a message below if you're willing to help. Why is it 4 volunteers, you may ask? Well, it'll be more fun if we all choose a different class! Then we could probably get a lot more information for the 4 classes that we can use. If you're going to be helping, be sure to make multiple saves and always take a picture of the patches that you find in stores or simply finding them somewhere, then you won't have to write it all down!

Thanks in advance, and if you won't join, I'll banish you from space and time. That's right. You can't play anymore. Go home and plot your revenge.

Current Volunteers