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Vampires, also known as The Vamp Kids is a faction of the From Dusk till Casa Bonita DLC for South Park: The Fractured But Whole.


In-game splash image of Vampires aka Vamp Kids.

  • Mike Makowski
  • Katie "Bloodrayne" Gelson
  • Vladimir
  • Ryan Ellis (Vampire Medic)
  • Annie Bartlett (Vampire Blocker)
  • Larry
  • Karen McCormick (Most recent and former member)
  • Black Vampire
  • Mr. Adams (Master Vampire)
  • Corey Haim (Deceased)


  • Vampire Swarmer
  • Vampire Medic
  • Vampire Griefer
  • Vampire Blocker


The Vampire Kids have gone to Casa Bonita to celebrate their leader, Mike Makowski's birthday. As The New Kid and Mysterion arrived to take their newest member, Karen McCormick back home with them, they engage in combat against them.

They hold the vampire relics needed to open the door to the VIP section, and The New Kid, alongside Mysterion, The Coon and Henrietta must fight them several times.


Vampire Kids run the gambit with abilities, but the first thing to know about them is that their primary attack spells have life-drain effects similar to Mosquito's attacks. These attacks can be initiated at short or long range. However, no life-drain attack may give a Vampire Kid more HP than his/her maximum HP.

Healer-class Vampire kids have a telegraphed move for revival, and can both heal and revive any Vampire Swarmers on their space. Unlike other combatants, a Vampire Swarmer's body will not get up and leave the battle grid just because a player's character walks onto the space. If a Vampire Swarmer is on an occupied space when they are revived, they will move to the closest adjacent space.


For the complete collection of Vampires' quotes, refer to the page Vampires/Quotes.

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  • During development of South Park: The Fractured But Whole, Vampires were originally intended to appear in the main storyline, whereby they were made as enemies for a side quest which involved Mysterion rescuing his sister from their influence, in which upon completion they could be randomly encountered across South Park. However, in the game's final release, Vampires are entirely absent in the main storyline, and the side quest that triggers them to appear across South Park is scrapped.
    • This can be easily noticed during the mission Mosquito in a Honey Pot, where Vampires is one of the available Kryptonite options for The New Kid.
    • The side quest is later retooled as the main objective for From Dusk till Casa Bonita, while a proposed location to encounter them in the main storyline (Graveyard scenario) is ported over to the Danger Deck.
    • Audio files for the scrapped side quest can be referred here.