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We Need a Tool is a mission in South Park: The Fractured But Whole


The Coon and Friends will need to obtain help from a direct rival, getting The New Kid to act undercover for Coon and Friends.

Walkthrough and Story

For this mission, simply head back to the Coon Lair and head to your usual seat at the meeting table.

A cut scene will play, with The Coon deciding to follow up on CLASSi's lead about the U-Stor-It facility. However, Mosquito will then remark that the place is barricaded with "lava", with Human Kite stating that Toolshed has the ability to clear the "lava". The Coon and Friends team then were in a state of loss for a moment, however Fastpass then mentions that Toolshed owes The New Kid a favor; they then plan to use The New Kid as makeweight to get Toolshed's help to clear the "lava" at U-Stor-It. The Coon then instructs Super Craig to send an anonymous email to Toolshed, while instructing the others to head back to their respective homes to prepare for the night.

You will then have the option to change out of costume or otherwise, press the corresponding prompt button to do so. If you decided to change out of costume, make your way back home to initiate the the next mission; if you don't you still can freely roam around town to perform any unfinished side quests, once done head back straight to home where you will then be prompted to perform the act to change out of costume right in front of the house's entrance.