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Wendy Testaburger is the Leader of the Girls and the girlfriend of Stan in South Park: The Stick of Truth.

For Wendy's role in South Park: The Fractured But Whole, see Call Girl.

For Wendy's role in South Park: Phone Destroyer, see Captain Wendy, Ice Sniper Wendy, Angel Wendy, Shieldmaiden Wendy and Call Girl.


Wendy usually wears a pink beret, purple jacket with a navy blue trim, navy blue gloves, and yellow pants. Wendy also has long black hair. When the girls including Wendy are recruited, she wears armor.

Quests Given



When the New Kid is told to recruit the girls, he is taken to Girls headquarters where he meets Wendy and the girls. Since the New Kid can't talk, Annie tells her for him. Wendy says that she and the girls will play with the boys, until he does a favor for her. They are under the suspicion that Monica Ryland is a two-faced bitch, but need the New Kid to pose as Bebe's boyfriend to find out for himself.

When that quest is over, Wendy gives the New Kid a new quest to check the abortion records over at the clinic to see who the two-faced bitch really is. To make the New Kid go under cover, as a girl, they give him a makeover. The New Kid then enters the abortion clinic and checks to see the records.

He then shows the records to Wendy, but it turns out that they're written in another language. The final quest she gives is to get them translated. He then shows the records to Cartman and the others at the Elven Kingdom. Cartman tells everyone that he's seen this language before, in the Kingdom to the North and the New Kid heads over there to get the records translated by the Minister of Montreal.

When all of that is over, Wendy and girls read the translated document and find out that they belong to Nancy Turner, showing that the two-faced bitch was really Heidi Turner. Wendy and the girls soon forgave Heidi, thanked the New Kid for serving them well, and agreed to join to boys to fight Clyde.

During the fight, she gets injured and the New Kid summons Butters to help heal her. Wendy then rewards him with a Superhero Badge.

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  • A picture of Wendy can be found as a junk item in Stan's room.
  • If Douchebag commands Butters to heal her in "Beat Up Clyde", Douchebag then receives a special reward from Wendy.
  • Wendy, along with Bebe, Red, Allie Nelson, Monica and Annie Knitts are the only members of the Girls to have major roles.