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Youth Pastor Craig is Craig Tucker's Mystical set card in South Park: Phone Destroyer.

When summoned, Youth Pastor Craig will throw a microphone at the enemy New Kid, preventing him/her from casting spells for 30 seconds.


  • Summoned,boss
    • "Open your heart to salvation!"
  • Summoned
    • "Open your heart-!"
    • "Have you found-?"
  • Attacked
    • "My faith is shaken!"
    • "Jesus, save me, fuck it!"


  • This card is extremely good for pushing, as it prevents any spells that can be used against the player.
  • The card can be used against smaller minions like rats or pigeons.

Update History

  • 08/24/18
    • Made playable.
  • 09/14/18
    • Added to PvP packs and PvP lockers.
  • 11/09/18
    • Added to free packs, main shop packs, and PVE packs.


  • His warcry ability comes out really fast, so you need to have good reflexes to take him down with a spell and avoid suffering the effects of his ability.


  • Youth Pastor Craig was made playable just after Imp Tweek was. This is a reference to the duo's extremely popular gay relationship on the show.
  • At some point, Youth Pastor Craig's animation and quotes when summoned was shortened.